About Luigi's

A brief History of Luigi Meola
Luigi was born and raised in Napoli, southern Italy. The recipies Luigi's uses today are the same recipes that have been passed down through the generations. Luigi learned his cooking skills of off his mother.

Luigi opened his first restaurant over 20 years ago, in 1978. His first restaurant was "Rosella", which was based in Seven Kings. In 1991 Luigi opened "Luigi's" in Gants Hill, Ilford. The traditional Italian restaurant, has kept to Luigi's ideals of home made traditional Italian cooking.

Luigi's has been here for nearly 20 years, and as a testament to that success, the restaurant is in one of the questions to pass the "knowledge" exam when you are applying to become a black cab driver! You have to navigate from Luigi's to somewhere else.

Some of this success can be attributed ot the fact that Luigi's always strives for the best ingredients for their food. That's why Luigi's grow their own herbs and vegetables, but also why they import some of their produce from Italy, from Luigi's mothers farm.

What style is Luigi's menu

The food that Luigi's cooks is based around a mediteranian flavour . There's such a relaxed atmosphere at Luigi's, that many customers have commented that Luigi's feels like you're on holiday when you eat! Through these traditions and values, Luigi's offers you the unique Italian experience, which is often lost in todays fast paced modern world.

The atmosphere provided by Luigi's is aided by the staff who give a personal touch to the service, and encourage the warm experience that the customers feel. This is because many of the staff have worked at Luigi's for a long period of time.

If you've ever eaten at Luigi's you will almost certainly recognise the head waiter Enzo, and the friendly service that he provides. It's not just Enzo, you can also guarantee the quality of the food, safe in the knowledge that the head chef Mauro has been at the restaurant for 10 years.

A unique dining experience

Luigi's is always trying to improve it's offering and now have the ability to provide you with a unique dining experience. You can now hire out the garden at the back of Luigi's for personal parties. Not only will you be surrounded by the serene background of Luigi's including love birds, a waterfall, and an authentic stone based pizza grill. If you decide on this route you can have your own dedicated barbeque chef for the night who will tend to your every need. You can choose from our menu, or make your own, we can even supply you with a list of ingredients so that you can suggest recipes to the chef!