Luigi's menu is based around a Southern Italian style. Luigi was born and raised in Napoli (Southern Italy) and taught his very own brand of cooking by his mother. The staff in Luigi's restaurant to this day still utilise some of the finest ingredients imported from Italy, and you can still enjoy delicious Mediterranean cooking.  We believe it is our cooking that has gained us our excellent reputation on Trip Advisor.

We also offer a take away service (collection only), call us at any time to order.


Freshly fried squid on a bed of seasonal salad, served with a tartar sauce.
Spare ribs cooked in an Italian tangy barbecue sauce.
Tomato & mozzarella slices on a bed of crispy salad, drizzled with extra olive oil.
Fresh grilled sardines, seasoned & served with a garlic & white wine sauce.
Norwegian prawns on a bed of crispy salad, topped with a home-made Mary Rose sauce.
Traidtional Italian meat platter with marinated vegetables & cheeses
Toasted crostini topped with copped tomato, garlic & basil drizzled with olive


Traditional Italian style stew with a variety of seasonal fish with tomatoes & herbs.
Grilled king prawns in a rich butter & garlic sauce.
Fresh smoked salmon on a bed of lime infused avocado, served with a crispy salad.
Home-made Soup in a rich stock, with seasoning & fresh vegetables.
Mushrooms filled with meat & cooked with a cheese & tomato topping.
Seasonal melon, topped with slices of succulent Italian Parma ham.
Italian soup with pasta, berlotti beans & seasoning, topped with parmesan.


Freshly made pasta rolls, filled with lean meat in a bechamel sauce.
Aborio rice served with a classic tomato sauce, in a melody of fresh seasonal seafood.
Pancetta bacon in a rich egg & creamy sauce, tossed with spaghetti.
Potato dumplings in a rich sauce of four different cheeses.
Pasta tubes in a mixture of seasonal vegetables with a classic tomato sauce.
Spaghetti served in a tomato sauce with basil & herbs.
Italian ribbon pasta served with smoked salmon, in a cream & tomato sauce.
Layers of pasta with meat, mozzarella, bechamel & tomato sauce.
Italian style pasta cooked with bacon and broccoli in a tomato sauce.
Classic Italian style meat sauce, served with spaghetti.
Italian ribbon pasta served in a mushroom & cream sauce.
Pasta tubes with olives & chilli in a rich tomato sauce.
Italian aborio rice cooked with wild mushrooms in a cream sauce.
Spaghetti served with home-made meat balls in a rich tomato sauce.
Pasta served with a classic tomato sauce, in a melody of fresh seasonal seafood.

House Pizza

Numerous toppings available at an additional cost, please ask!
Authentic Neapolitan pizza topped with tomato, mozzarella & herbs.
Bread lightly toasted with garlic butter, herbs & cheese (optional)


Breast of chicken sautéed with mushrooms & lemon butter sauce.
Pan fried chicken breast lightly coated with bread crumbs & fresh herbs.
Breast of chicken sautéed in cream & mushroom sauce.
Half roasted duck marinated in orange or apple sauce.
Breast of chicken encased with garlic butter, lightly coated with bread crumbs.
Baked chicken topped with ham & mozzarella in a tomato sauce.
Breast of chicken sautéed with olives, peppers & a spicy tomato sauce.
Pan fried calves liver cooked with sage & butter sauce.
Wild Pigeon breast sautéed in a succulent brandy & mushroom sauce.


Veal lightly breaded & pan fried. Topped with aubergine, melted mozzarella in a tomato sauce.
Scotch fillet steak sautéed in olive oil with onions in a pepper & brandy or cream & mushroom sauce.
Sirloin steak sautéed in black olives, tomato & a garlic sauce.
Pan fried veal, lightly coated in breadcrumbs with fresh herbs.
Rib eye steak topped with creamy Stilton cheese sauce.


Grilled Dover Sole sautéed in wine & butter with prawns & almonds.
Scottish Salmon cooked in a fresh parsley & lemon sauce.
Prime skate sautéed in black butter with caper sauce.
King Prawns in a cream & fresh herb sauce or rich butter & garlic sauce.
Sea bass sautéed in onions & a garlic with a tomato sauce.


Please ask about our selection of home-made desserts. From £3.00
We have a selection of home made desserts. Ask to see what is on offer today. From £3.00.
Please ask for our selection. From £3.00